Map of Jeffrey's Ledge

Jeffrey's ledge
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After the usual safety dock talk, the whale watch boat would leave at 10:00 from the dock located a 1/2 mile or so up the Kennebunk River. I was always full of anticipation when we reached the mouth of the river... we would monitor the weather radio intently in the morning but the proof was definitely in the pudding. At the mouth, the ocean spread out before us and we could see if we had chop or swells or silky calm in store.

It took two hours to get from the dock to Jeffrey's ledge and some people suffered going out. I would try to get the green looking folk situated on the benches at midships, out doors, and teach them to find a point on the horizon to watch. That seems to help.

As we traveled out, the captain would be on the "horn" talking to fishermen who had been there for hours already. Many of them were very cooperative and would let us know if they had seen anything. There were places that were known to be great fishing areas: the North end, the fingers and often we would head straight for one or the other. As the summer turned to fall we would have to travel further south down the ledge to stay with whales that were getting ready to take off for their migration to the Caribbean

Measurements are in fathoms (1 fathom= 6 feet) So:
- The * on green is Kennebunkport where our boat was anchored.
- Light blue is as much as 20' deep.
- medium blue as much as 180' deep
- dark blue is as much as 600' deep
If you click on the map it will take you to a larger version that has notes. Run your mouse over the surface of the map and more notes will show up.


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